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DynCorp International War Reserve Materiel Program is Committed to Continuous Improvement

WRM Thumrait dyncorp intlThe DynCorp International War Reserve Materiel (WRM) program has demonstrated its commitment to continuous improvement by implementing a new initiative aimed to drive down the cost per unit to produce, reduce overtime hours, improve throughput, increase safety and improve quality.

DI’s WRM team worked together to develop a Lean strategy to better support its customers, the U.S. Air Force Central Command (USAFCENT) and Acquisition Management Integration Center (AMIC). For example, the WRM team in Thumrait, Oman, recently completed five projects focusing on reducing the vehicle acceptance timeframe by half and redesigning a process flow for heater maintenance that reduced waste and resulted in a 60 percent reduction in labor hour consumption.

“The DI WRM program’s pursuit of excellence through continuous improvement has empowered the team at Thumrait,” said Bill Womack, DynCorp International site manager. “Implementing Lean processes allows our team members to better engage in projects and take control in their areas of responsibility.”

“Lean has been an extremely effective and beneficial tool our employees can implement time and time again without requiring constant assistance from quality professionals,” Said Edward West, DynCorp International program quality manager.

A Valuable Investment to Continuous Improvement

The WRM team plans to implement more Lean projects in the following months focusing on safety and continuing to refine skills.

“The WRM program’s focus on continuous improvement has been an investment which has paid significant dividends in customer satisfaction, reduced costs and increased efficiencies,” said Bruno Eddy the DynCorp International program director. “Continuous improvement has become more than a slogan or banner for WRM; it has become a cornerstone of our program management approach.”
In addition to future projects, the DI WRM team has scheduled three more training courses in the next few months.

“Even through a busy performance period supporting the warfighter across the Middle East – opening and closing sites and shipping hundreds of thousands of short tons of cargo by air, sea and land – the team took the time to improve our processes and are the benefiting from that investment!”

DynCorp International WRM Program

DynCorp International has supported the WRM program since 2000. As part of the program, DI is responsible for pre-positioned Air Force assets in the Arabian Gulf. DI team members maintain, repair, store and ship items such as expeditionary sets, vehicles, fuel-related equipment, generators, medical materials, munitions and aerospace ground equipment. DI also provides logistical and field support for multinational exercises.

The WRM program has site locations in Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and in the U.S. at Shaw Air Force Base, S.C., with its program management office in Yorktown, Va. The program’s functional departments include bare base, transportation, fuels equipment, vehicles, medical equipment, generator repair equipment, aerospace ground equipment and munitions. DI provides human resources, contracts, purchasing, finance, facilities maintenance, quality and environmental, safety, and health staffing and support at the various sites.

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  1. Rosalind Pittman says

    Hello Team,

    My name is Rosalind Pittman.
    I’m interested in joining your team for employment. Do you have a specific Website that I can go on to apply for a Supply Tech position under your WRM program?. My profile and resume is on the DynCorp Career Website only. Is there a separate website for this program? Please advise

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