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DynCorp International Warns of Money Scams

DynCorp International warns jobseekers and others of internet money scams. Unauthorized individuals using DynCorp International’s brand may solicit money. Please read the following information carefully.

Don’t Be Fooled by a Recruiting Scam

Scammers are very creative when it comes to targeting unsuspecting people using the internet. They advertise jobs that look like the real thing through job boards and other advertisements. You must look carefully for signs that a posting may be a scam.

  • Look at the email address. DynCorp International personnel will always use an email address ending in Any email that does not come from is not from DynCorp International. Scammers will often try to make very similar email address domains, so make sure to check that it is only from a address. If you see an email address or website ending in .net, .in, .org or one that looks like these real life examples:

These are all fake! Remember, all official DI email addresses will end in Some scammers are very clever and they try to hide a fake email or web address behind the official one. But if you hover your cursor over the web address, you will see the hidden one on the bottom left corner of the window.

  • There are no placement fees at DI. A DynCorp International employee will never ask you to pay any recruiting fees, application processing fees, application expedition fees, security clearance fees, training materials, or any related expenses.
  • Requests for tax, bank account or credit card information. DI recruiters do not require the completion of tax forms such as a W-4, bank account or credit card information as part of the recruiting process. NEVER give out personal or financial details to anyone as a response to an unsolicited email request.
  •  Offers work at home opportunities. DI does not currently offer any work at home opportunities.
  • A new scam uses dating websites. Scammers steal identities and pose as DynCorp International employees. After posting pictures and stories to popular dating sites, the scammers make contact. They then ask the victim for money.
  • Poor English, grammar, and spelling. Official DI recruiters will send all communications from an official DI email address, use proper American English, and will never ask you for money.

What to Do if You Are Scammed

If you are contacted regarding a fraudulent employment proposal, please alert a local law enforcement agency or police authority.

The Federal Trade Commission also has a reporting service on their website for those who have been targeted by a recruiting scam.

Other Resources

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  1. Tomasz says

    I am looking for a job as a private military contractor.I’ve got behind you military service.The mission in Lebanon 1994 and Bosnia1998.I worked in a bowline defense Senior security officer2014/2015 Tomasz Wojnarowski.

  2. Tsvetana Vitanova says

    I have been coresponding with a man hwo clims that he warks for
    dynCorp Intarnational and is currently in Syria.
    Do you have anyone working in Syria ?
    Thank you

  3. Dianna Strieter says

    I have been coresponding with a man who claims that he works for
    dynCorp Intarnational and is currently in Cero Egypt
    Do you have anyone working in Egypt?

    • chanelm says

      We have personnel all over the globe. Just use your best judgement and do not ever send anyone any money for any reason at all.

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