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When Customers Need Aviation Support, They Rely on DynCorp International

DynCorp International Aviation

When our customers perform missions in the air, they rely on DynCorp International to support those efforts on the ground.

International involvement in peacekeeping, fighting terrorism, nation-building, battling illegal drugs and humanitarian aid is at an all-time high.

Armed forces, world organizations, and government entities are leading the charge across the globe to successfully complete these missions and many more while DynCorp International supports them behind the scenes.

Aviation: Keeping Systems Current and Working

A core support service at DynCorp International, Aviation encompasses a wide range of fleet management services including training, operations, maintenance, modifications and logistics support. DynCorp International also provides a full range of aviation maintenance services including flight line maintenance, intermediate level maintenance, back shop support, maintenance training, flight training, simulator operations and warehouse operations.

Updates are critical to keeping air systems and advanced aviation equipment safe. Manufacturers are always developing configurations, more effective technologies and modifications for this equipment. Who delivers, installs and checks these essential upgrades?

Aviation experts from DynCorp International are there to support aviation needs around the world, from upgrades for aircraft, engineering design, building and installing kits, to upgrading avionics and more.

DynCorp International teams are in the field making these vital equipment upgrades no matter what risks are involved.

DynCorp International Employees: Dedicated to Serve in Supporting Roles

Currently deployed to more than 100 locations worldwide, DI aviation professionals and technicians:

  • manage, maintain and operate fleets
  • provide depot support
  • keep ground support equipment operational
  • ensure quality control
  • handle complete aftermarket logistical support

In movies it’s usually the pilot that gets all the glory, but without ground support services, these air missions could not succeed.

The hard-working, skilled aviation employees at DynCorp International work behind the scenes to ensure their customers have all the support they’ll need to succeed in all things aviation. Trainers, security, IT specialists, logisticians, construction workers, managers, crew members and maintenance crews: all DI, and all dedicated to competence and quality.

The dedicated people of DynCorp International support missions critical to the well-being of Americans and nationalities across the globe and aviation is the lynchpin to the support roles they play.

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