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DynCorp International Team Members Help Maintain Women’s and Children’s Wellness Center in Kosovo

nato kosovo forces facilities dyncorp intlDynCorp International team members in Pristina, Kosovo, work in support of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), maintaining NATO Kosovo Forces (KFOR) facilities at Camp Film City. However in their free time, exemplifying DI’s core value We Care, several team members volunteer their time helping maintain the local Women’s and Children’s Wellness Center.

Each month DI team members provide free preventative maintenance inspection and services to the wellness center. In the month of August alone, some of the maintenance they performed was: cleaning sewage drains; installing new water system equipment; servicing and repairing the center generator; installing smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and emergency lighting; and repairing several windows, doors, electrical switches and outlets.

Updates for the Children of the Women’s and Children’s Wellness Center

Several updates to the playground have been made as well, including installing new playground equipment and a small amphitheater, and adding new topsoil.

To help prepare for the new school year, DI team members built donation boxes and placed them throughout the KFOR Camp to collect school supplies for the center, and donated supplies directly to the children at the center.

The Women’s and Children’s Wellness Centerkosovo forces facilities dyncorp international

The Women’s and Children’s Wellness Center was founded in 2001 and is located on Camp Film City in Pristina, Kosovo. The center is run solely by volunteers and operates on donations from the Camp Film City personnel. Nearly 50 children are cared for at the center, many of whom are orphans ranging in age from four to 16 years old. Local communities also benefit from the center, receiving clothing and food.

DI team members often partner with KFOR personnel to support the center, participating in fundraisers, helping maintain facilities and volunteering time. In working with the City of Pristina, volunteers hope that the center will eventually become a self-sufficient day-care center for the community.

Background on DCH

DCH, a wholly-owned DI subsidiary formed in 2007, furnishes all labor, services and materials necessary to operate, maintain, repair and alter of facilities and related systems and equipment located at HQ KFOR Main on Film City in Pristina, Kosovo and sub-sites located throughout Kosovo.

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