DI Press Releases


(OCT 2010)  A 7-year-old Iraqi boy went out to play on May 16, 2008, and in a heartbeat a land mine took out his eye, ear, jaw, right arm, and left leg. His father, an Iraqi Customs Officer, turned to fellow DI Border Enforcement Agency staff for help. DI employee and Border Enforcement Advisor Paul Fields, wrote from Muntheria, near the Kurdish town of Khannequin in Diyala Province, to tell us they filed a humanitarian aid request, then followed up with a request through the Army chain of command, and prevailed. The young boy is one of two Iraqi children that the Global Medical Relief Fund sent to the U.S. for physical therapy and a full prosthetic. He and his mother traveled in March 2010 to the Shriners Children’s Hospital in Staten Island, New York and they will return to the hospital next June for follow-up surgery. The boy’s father and his family are so grateful to the U.S. Army, to the State Department’s Border Enforcement Agency (BEA) program, and to the DI employees who helped make the dream possible. Paul says that he and fellow Advisor and DI employee Paul Knowles will keep in touch and make sure the family is taken care of.