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DynCorp International Acquires Casals & Associates

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (January 25, 2010) – DynCorpInternational (NYSE: DCP) announced today that it has acquired 100%of the stock of Casals & Associates, Inc. (Casals). Casals willbe integrated within DynCorp International’s Global Stabilizationand Development Solutions division. Terms of the transaction werenot disclosed.

The acquisition brings together the complementary skills,experience and capacity of Casals and DynCorp International tostrengthen the strategic expansion of DynCorp International intothe international development field. Together they offer a best inclass combination of competencies to provide services supportingU.S. defense, diplomacy and international development initiativesand objectives.

Casals, a private company headquartered in Alexandria, Va., helpsto achieve U.S. foreign policy and international developmentpriorities by assisting in the development of stable and democraticgovernments, implementing anti-corruption initiatives, and aidingthe growth of democratic public and civil institutions. With overtwo decades of experience supporting U.S. Agency for InternationalDevelopment and international organization initiatives andprograms, Casals has developed significant expertise in the areasof democracy and governance, conflict management and recovery, ruleof law and access to justice, strengthening civil society, andpublic outreach. 

“This acquisition addresses our goal of creating value throughcontinued growth and business diversification, and furthers ouralignment with the Obama Administration’s emphasis on theapplication of ‘smart power’ to global challenges. We supportdefense, diplomacy, and development initiatives around the globe.”said DynCorp International President and CEO William L. Ballhaus.”Adding Casals’ talent and well-deserved reputation for excellencein building the rule of law, supporting democratic governance andfighting corruption will expand the breadth of our servicesofferings in international development.”

“We are extremely pleased to join the DynCorp International team.Their tremendous depth of experience and track record in logistics,law enforcement training and mentoring, and global contingencyoperations in environments such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Liberia,Haiti and Somalia is a strong multiplier for our own expertise inmeeting challenges in anti-corruption, rule of law, and democraticgovernance initiatives,” said Beatriz C. Casals, President ofCasals & Associates. 

The transaction will not materially impact DynCorp International’srevenue or earnings per share for the fourth quarter of Fiscal Year2010.

About Casals & Associates
Casals & Associates Inc. is an international development andstrategic communications firm delivering groundbreaking solutionsto social, institutional, and political challenges. Founded in 1986by Beatriz Casals, the firm works globally addressing democracy andgovernance, transparency and accountability, rule of law andjustice, conflict management and recovery, and other urgent issuesfacing societies today. Headquartered in Alexandria, Va., Casalshas worked in more than 50 countries and currently maintainsoffices on four continents.  For more information, visit www.casals.com.

About DynCorp International
DynCorp International LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DynCorpInternational Inc., is a global government services provider insupport of U.S. national security and foreign policy objectives,delivering support solutions for defense, diplomacy, andinternational development. DI operates major programs in logistics,platform support, contingency operations, and training andmentoring to reinforce security, community stability, and the ruleof law. DynCorp International is headquartered in Falls Church,Va.  For more information, visit www.dyn-intl.com

Forward-Looking Statements
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