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DynCorp International Added to Russell 3000® Index

IRVING, TEXAS (May 18, 2006) – DynCorpInternational Inc. (NYSE: DCP) announced today that its Class Acommon stock has been added to the Russell 3000® Index.

The Russell U.S. index reconstitution is done on a yearly basisto accurately reflect changes in market segments due to changes inmarket characteristics over time. Annual reconstitution of theRussell indexes captures the 3,000 largest U.S. stocks as of theend of May, ranking them by total market capitalization to createthe Russell 3000®. Russell’s index reconstitution process isfollowed closely by many investors because its U.S. indexescurrently have $3.8 trillion in assets benchmarked against them andaccount for an industry-leading 52% of institutional products.

DynCorp International CEO Stephen J. Cannon said, “We are verypleased to be listed on the Russell 3000® Index. This achievement,coupled with the recent upgrading of our credit rating by bothMoody’s and Standard & Poor’s, reflects this company’s solidfinancial performance.”

About Russell
The Russell 3000® Index offers investors access to the broad U.S.equity universe representing approximately 98% of the U.S. market.The Russell 3000 is constructed to provide a comprehensive,unbiased, and stable barometer of the broad market and iscompletely reconstituted annually to ensure new and growingequities are reflected. Russell manages more than $167 billion inassets and advises clients worldwide on more than $2.4 trillion inassets.

About DynCorp International Inc.
DynCorp International Inc. is the parent of DynCorp InternationalLLC, a professional services and project-management company servinggovernments, corporations, and international organizationsworldwide. Headquartered in Irving, Texas, the company has morethan 14,000 employees in some 35 countries. It had revenues ofnearly $2 billion in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2006.