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DynCorp International Afghan Police Trainer Honored in NationalExhibit

Mentor James Boyd Nominated for Heroic Actions DuringInsurgent Attack

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (December 27, 2010) – DynCorpInternational (DI) police trainer James Boyd, of Albertville, Ala.,will be recognized in the “100 Faces of War Experience” portraitexhibit after being nominated for the heroic support he providedduring an insurgent attack on his outpost in Afghanistan lastJanuary. Mr. Boyd has supported efforts to train the Afghan borderpolice under DI’s contract with the Department of State’s Bureaufor International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) sinceNovember 2009.

“The civilian police mentors and trainers that we have workingin Afghanistan and around the world exhibit quiet acts of heroismevery day,” said Major General (USA Ret.) Don Ryder, DI vicepresident of the company’s training, mentoring and securityprograms. “James’ dedication to the mission and to helping othersis a great example of the selfless contributions being made bythose deployed overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is fitting thathe will be honored in this exhibit.”

On January 20, 2010, Mr. Boyd was embedded with the U.S.military in Afghanistan, when the outpost where he was stationedcame under attack. With the compound already under heavy enemygunfire, a suicide bomber drove a 4,000 lb vehicle-borne improvisedexplosive device into the compound wall and insurgents tried togain entry to the outpost. More than a dozen U.S. soldiers wereinjured and several people were killed in the attack. For hours Mr.Boyd ran back-and-forth across the compound under heavy gunfire toget medical bags and stretchers, to give combat aid, and to assistthe team that kept insurgents from breaching the compound wall. Amember of the military who was present that day nominated Mr. Boydfor “100 Faces,” to honor him for his heroic actions.
“A lot of people have asked about my efforts that day,” said Mr.Boyd. “I’m a trained police officer and when something like thishappens, while most people react by running away from danger, weare trained to run towards it and see how we can help. That is whatI did.”

The “100 Faces of War Experience” is an independent exhibitionbeing created by professional artist Matt Mitchell.  It isdescribed on the website as an exploration of the human experienceof going from America abroad into the wars in Iraq andAfghanistan.  On completion, the project will include 100portraits people who have gone on this journey.  Each portraitis accompanied by a written statement made by the person pictured.Participants are selected based upon their ability to contribute tothe widest understanding of the American experience of thesewars.  Most of the participants served in the U.S. military,but 10 positions have been reserved for those representing Americancivilian roles.   

More than 6,000 experienced civilian police advisors have beenprovided by DI in support of U.S. CIVPOL programs in 11 countries.The company currently works on CIVPOL contracts with INL, providingmentors and trainers in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere. INLmanages the CIVPOL program, which focuses on meeting the demand forlaw enforcement, criminal justice and corrections experts, andassistance in post-conflict societies and complex securityenvironments.

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DynCorp International Afghan police mentor James Boyd ispictured with artist Matthew Mitchell and the beginning of whatwill be a portrait of Mr. Boyd.

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The finished portrait of DynCorp International police mentorJames Boyd.

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