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DynCorp International and CenterScope Technologies WinNunn-Perry Award for Small Business Mentoring

FALLS CHURCH, Va. – (February 08, 2012) -DynCorp International (DI) announced today that the Department ofDefense Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) will award DI theprestigious Nunn-Perry Award for its outstanding Mentor-Protégéteam formed with its small business partner, CenterScopeTechnologies, Inc (CSTI).

“An important element of the program is technology transfer,”said Gregory Reyes, corporate director of Mentor-Protégé programsat DynCorp International. “We provided a foundation for our protégéCSTI to develop solutions to increase financial and operationalefficiency. The value created for our customer (US Army) and broadscope of this partnership is most noteworthy. It shows that, evenin a difficult economy, we can achieve amazing results and positivejob growth.” 

CSTI is based in McLean, VA. and provides customer servicesolutions in engineering and acquisition, knowledge management,international support and logistics and base operations. As part ofits mentoring role, DynCorp International provided CSTI withcoaching and training in areas such as new market development,international operations and global logistics. DI also providedCSTI with expertise and guidance to expand their businessinternationally – resulting in a revenue increase from $5 to $32million in just 18 months and creating more than 100 jobs byhelping them to expand the overall base of their marketplaceparticipation. 

“The mentoring assistance the DI team has offered has been coreto our success over the past year and a half,” said Eric Adolphe,president, CSTI. “In a period of months, we have grown into aprosperous global operation, and matured the organization into oneable to responsibly manage that exponential growth.” 

The awards will be presented at the 16th annual Nunn-PerryAwards Ceremony at the 2012 Mentor-Protégé Conference, Wednesday,March 7, 2012 at 7:30 p.m., at the Virginia Beach Convention Centerin Virginia Beach, VA. 

The prestigious Nunn-Perry Award, named in honor of formerSenator Sam Nunn and former Secretary of Defense William Perry, wasfirst awarded in 1995 to recognize outstanding Mentor-Protégé teamsformed under the auspices of the DoD Mentor-Protégéprogram. 

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