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DynCorp International and JV Partners Win $450 Million NAVFACContract

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (Nov. 2, 2006) – The NavalFacilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) has awarded DynCorpInternational (DI) and its partners in Contingency ResponseServices LLC the Global Contingency Services Contract (GCSC). Thecontract is valued at up to $450 million over a five-yearperiod.

DynCorp International, Parsons Global Services, and PWCLogistics formed Contingency Response Services (CRS) LLC to providea full range of world-wide contingency and disaster-responseservices, including humanitarian assistance and interim ortransitional base-operating support services. Key functional areaswhere work will be performed include facility operations andmaintenance; air operations; port operations; health care; supplyand warehousing; galley; housing support; emergency services;security, fire, and rescue; vehicle-equipment repair; andincidental construction. Work will be performed through individualtask orders extending through August 2011.

About DynCorp International
DynCorp International LLC, the operating company of DynCorpInternational Inc. (NYSE: DCP), is a provider of specializedmission-critical outsourced technical services to civilian andmilitary government agencies, with specific global expertise in lawenforcement training and support, security services, baseoperations, aviation services and operations, and logisticssupport. Headquartered in Falls Church, Va., DynCorp Internationalhas approximately 14,000 employees worldwide. For more information,visit www.dyn-intl.com.

About Parsons Global Services
Parsons is a $3.0 billion corporation employing 11,500 persons at250 offices worldwide.  Parsons Global Services brings to theteam global engineering, construction and restoration servicecapabilities as well as the full complement of construction andbase operation. As a whole, Parsons provides technical andmanagement solutions to federal, regional and local governmentagencies as well as private industries worldwide.

The corporation is a recognized leader in many diverse marketssuch as infrastructure, transportation, water, telecommunications,aviation, commercial, environmental, planning, industrialmanufacturing, education, healthcare, life sciences and homelandsecurity. Please visit www.parsons.com.

About PWC Logistics
PWC Logistics is a global provider of integrated supply chainsolutions, with more than 450 offices located in over one-hundredcountries spread across six continents. Through its network ofwarehousing facilities and transportation and freight managementservices, PWC Logistics provides its customers with flexiblesolutions tailored to meet their business needs.  PWCLogistics customers span a wide range of industries, with a globalfocus on technology and consumer electronics, retail and consumerproducts, oil and gas, defense and government services, as well asregional focus on many other sectors.

PWC Logistics offers specialized logistics services, includingexhibition and event logistics, and project forwarding through itssubsidiaries, Trans-Link and Transoceanic Shipping. PWC Logistics’GeoLogistics subsidiary is a leading global freight management andlogistics provider.

PWC Logistics is a publicly traded company. For more informationabout PWC Logistics and its subsidiaries, please visit www.pwclogistics.com.