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DynCorp International Awarded Contract to Train AfghanistanPolice

IRVING, TEXAS (September 7, 2005) – The UnitedStates Department of State has awarded DynCorp International acontract to train, equip, and build the capacity of the policeforces in Afghanistan. The potential value of the award is$117,236,158 for the first year and $85,275,734 and $87,487,630,respectively, for two option years. This is a follow-on award forDynCorp International, which has been training police inAfghanistan since 2003.

The training is aimed at increasing the overall ability of theNational Police, Border Police, and Highway Patrol in Afghanistanto provide police presence, improve public security, and supportthe rule of law. The U.S. program focuses on basic-skills trainingfor existing police and basic training for new and lower-rankedpolice. It also provides equipment and assistance withadministrative reform.

The training, to be held in centers throughout the country,consists of basic policing skills, policing in a democracy, anddeveloping trainers among experienced Afghan police officers.Subjects include first aid, human rights, establishing andprotecting crime scenes, traffic control, evidencechain-of-custody, investigations, interviewing techniques,treatment of suspects, applicable laws, and defensivetactics.

The contract also calls for the development and repair offacilities and provision of equipment and supplies for the Afghanpolice, whose infrastructure is chronically underdeveloped and waslargely destroyed during 25 years of conflict.

“We are happy to be selected to continue the work we have startedin training and equipping the police in Afghanistan,” said StephenJ. Cannon, DynCorp International CEO. “We have dedicated, capablelaw-enforcement professionals from all over the country who aredoing extraordinary work teaching modern policing skills andtransmitting democratic values in Afghanistan. It is trulygratifying for our company to be able to make such a contributionto the welfare of the Afghan people and to the security of theUnited States.”

DynCorp International is a leading professional services andproject-management firm serving governments, corporations, andinternational organizations worldwide. Headquartered in Irving,Texas, it has more than 14,000 employees in some 35 countries. Ithas its origins in 1946 with the founding of the companysubsequently known as Dynalectron Corporation and later as DynCorp.It had revenues of nearly $2 billion in the fiscal year endingMarch 31, 2005.