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DynCorp International C-21A Contractor Logistics Support (CLS)Team and C-20 Program Earn Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)Diamond Awards for Excellence

FALLS CHURCH, Va. – (May 2, 2012) – DynCorpInternational has earned the Federal Aviation Administration’s(FAA) prestigious Diamond Award for Excellence for its support oftwo U.S. Air Force programs, the C-21A Contractor Logistics Support(CLS) team and the C-20 program. The C-21A CLS has earned thisaward for four years consecutively, while this is the C-20program’s first.

Through these programs, DI maintains LearJet 35A, Gulfstream IIIand Gulfstream IV distinguished visitor airlift aircraft at 12different operating locations globally.

The FAA’s Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Award program isbased on the commitment of maintenance technicians to improvesafety by actively participating in initial and recurring trainingprograms to further their technical knowledge. The Diamond Award isthe highest corporate award, and the program includes bothindividual and corporate recognition.

The award recognizes completion by 100-percent of anorganization’s eligible maintenance technicians of specialized,continuous training in aircraft systems, regulations and FAA rulesover a 12-month period. In addition to the Diamond Award, which ispresented to the company, each mechanic receives an AviationMaintenance Technician award based on the number of training hourslogged.

“The award recognizes our dedication to continuous training andemployee development,” said Jeffrey Roth, C-21A CLS programdirector. “With multiple operating locations, this is an additionalmeasure to baseline and improves our training process. To berecognized for our training commitment by the FAA with theirhighest award for four straight years is significant.”

“Truly a team effort, the FAA Diamond Award means a great dealto the program team,” Duane Carr, C-20 program manager said. “It’sa means for us to invest in our employees and demonstrate ourdedication and commitment to providing highly trained team membersfor our customer.”

The C-21A CLS and C-20 program teams are not the only DI teamsto achieve this award; DI’s CALFIRE program was also recognized forthis achievement earlier this year.

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DynCorp International is a globalgovernment services provider working in support of U.S. nationalsecurity and foreign policy objectives, delivering supportsolutions for defense, diplomacy and international development. DIoperates major programs in logistics, platform support, contingencyoperations and training and mentoring to reinforce security,community stability and the rule of law. For more information,visit our blogs or seeDynCorp International’s LinkedInprofile.