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DynCorp International LOGCAP Team Member Killed in KandaharRocket Attack

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (December 27, 2010) – DynCorpInternational (DI) today confirmed that Logistics CivilAugmentation Program (LOGCAP) team member Kevin Davis of Houston,TX, was killed on December 25, 2010, during a rocket attack inKandahar, Afghanistan. Mr. Davis, 40, began working on DI’s LOGCAPcontract with the U.S. Army on September 30, 2010.

“Kevin lived and worked in a warzone to help support our troops- that kind of selfless courage is remarkable but too often goesunrecognized until the unthinkable happens,” said DynCorpInternational chairman and CEO Steve Gaffney. “Kevin’s service toour military was heroic and our thoughts and prayers are with hisfamily and friends during this difficult time.”

Under the LOGCAP IV contract, DI supports U.S. forces worldwidewith immediate focus on those deployed in the Middle East.

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