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After More than 60 Years of Supporting the U.S.Government, DynCorp International recognized by the WashingtonBusiness Journal for Continued Growth

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (October  11, 2010) –DynCorp International (DI) was honored on October 7 as one of theWashington Business Journal‘s 2010 50 Fastest GrowingCompanies in the Washington region.

The largest company on the list, DynCorp International’spresident and CEO Steve Gaffney highlighted the importance ofteamwork in continuing to grow the company after sixty years ofsupporting the U.S. government.

“This ranking is the direct result of a great deal of hard workby the entire DI team,” said Mr. Gaffney. “Growth, especially insuch tough economic times, comes from high-performing people whoare committed to delivering for our customers. I am proud to bepart of such a dedicated team.”

DI ranked number 46 on the list, which is based on an evaluationof growth over a three year period; this year’s list covers theperiod between 2007 and 2009. The 50 companies that have thehighest percentage revenue growth make the list.

In announcing the list, Washington Business Journalpublisher Alex Orfinger said, “The companies that make this listare, by definition, among the most dynamic in our region.Especially this year, they have beaten the odds imposed by theGreat Recession, making membership on this elite list all the moreimpressive. These companies are showing all of us what qualities ittakes to grow in challenging times.”

About DynCorp International
DynCorp International is a global government servicesprovider in support of U.S. national security and foreign policyobjectives, delivering support solutions for defense, diplomacy,and international development. DI operates major programs inlogistics, platform support, contingency operations, and trainingand mentoring to reinforce security, community stability, and therule of law. DynCorp International is headquartered in FallsChurch, Va. For more information, visit /