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DynCorp International Provides Update on Army LinguistContract

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (August 14, 2007) – The U.S.Army Intelligence and Security Command has issued an amendment tothe solicitation for translation and interpretation services insupport of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Global Linguist Services LLC (GLS), a joint venture of DynCorpInternational and McNeil Technologies, was originally awarded thecontract by the U.S. Army on December 18, 2006.  The contractawarded to GLS was protested before the Government AccountabilityOffice (GAO) by the incumbent, and the GAO determined the Armyshould take certain corrective action.

The Army’s amendment to the solicitation revises three evaluationsubfactors and specifies a five-page proposal limit for eachsubfactor.  The subfactors are those dealing with fill rate(the ability to deploy qualified personnel on a timely basis),experience, and transition plan. Revised proposals are due to theArmy on August 24, 2007

“We are pleased that this procurement is moving forward in aserious manner that will address the concerns raised by the GAO andensure a timely decision.” said DynCorp International President andCEO Herbert J. Lanese. “We look forward to an expedited conclusionof this procurement.”

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