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DynCorp International Receives Highest Award From FAA

FALLS CHURCH, Va. – February 4, 2009 – DynCorpInternational (NYSE:DCP) has won the Federal AviationAdministration’s Diamond Certificate of Excellence in the AviationMaintenance Technician (AMT) Award program for the seventhconsecutive year at Andrews Support Division. The award recognizesDynCorp International for outstanding maintenance of the aircraftused by America’s leaders at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.DynCorp International also received the Diamond Award for the C-21contractor logistics support program.

The FAA’s Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Award program isbased entirely on the commitment made by the maintenancetechnicians to improve safety by actively participating in initialand recurring training programs to further their technicalknowledge. There are five levels of the award, with the diamondbeing the highest, and the program includes both individual andcorporate recognition. In addition to the overall company award,187 DynCorp International employees on the ASD program and 87 DIemployees on the C-21 program were given AMT awards based on theirtraining during the past year.

Len Campbell, the Andrews Support Division Program Manager,accepted the award for his program. Jeffrey Roth, the C-21A CLSProgram Director, accepted the award for the C-21 program.

“The aviation community believes that the AMT award symbolizesthe best of the aviation maintenance industry, on an individual andcorporate level. This award recognizes the personal commitmentafforded by the men and women who meet and exceed the highest levelof aviation standards in accomplishing the demanding mission of theUnited States’ most visible Special Air Mission Fleet,” Campbellsaid.

For more information about the FAA’s Aviation MaintenanceTechnician Award, please visit the FAA Aviation Safety Program Website, www.FAASafety.gov.

About DynCorp International
DynCorp International is a provider of specializedmission-critical services to civilian and military governmentagencies worldwide, and operates major programs in law enforcementtraining and support, security services, base operations, aviationservices, contingency operations, and logistics support. DynCorpInternational is headquartered in Falls Church, Va. For moreinformation, visit www.dyn-intl.com .