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DynCorp International Sponsors Local Cyclist in ‘Big RideAcross America’

Cyclists will end 3,300-mile cross-country trek at theLincoln Memorial

WASHINGTON, June 19/PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Sixty-two-year-old retired ArmyColonel Mike McFarlin, a South Riding, Va., resident, is intraining for a 3,300-mile bicycle ride from Seattle to Washington,DC that begins later this month to help raise funds for theAmerican Lung Association of Washington.

A DynCorp International marinecommunications manager, McFarlin is participating in the 11thannual Big Ride Across America because he had dreamed of doingsomething “big” to raise awareness about health issues — alife-long concern of his.

“Big Ride sounded like an adventure,so I signed up, and I have been working out two hours a day, sixdays a week to get ready,” he said. “I’ve lost 55 pounds, and I amin better shape than ever before. It’s a ride, not a race,”McFarlin explained. “And I am looking forward to experiencing thewhole country on the way.”

He is one of the top fundraisers inthe event supported by family, friends and the community and isalso being sponsored by his employer, DynCorp International, whichis headquartered in Falls Church, Va.

“DI has always made an effort tosupport our employees, and when Mike told us about the adventure hewas embarking on we didn’t hesitate to sponsor him. We view theopportunity as a way to support our community and a good cause,”Gregory Lagana, DynCorp’s senior vice president of communicationssaid. “We are proudly looking forward to Mike crossing the finishline at the Lincoln Memorial — the culmination of both exhaustivetraining and continual fundraising for a great cause.”

The Big Ride, which begins June 25,will end August 11 at the Lincoln Memorial. McFarlin and the 49other bicyclists will cross the country averaging 80 miles a day.McFarlin doesn’t consider that a grueling pace and said he isplanning to enjoy the ride, taking pictures and talking to peoplehe meets on the way. The cyclists from 22 states and threecountries have raised over $300,000 dollars for the American LungAssociation of Washington.

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