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DynCorp International Supports Army’s Filing of Request forReconsideration with GAO

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (April 11, 2007) –DynCorp International LLC has learned that the U.S. Army has fileda Request for Reconsideration with the Government AccountabilityOffice (GAO) challenging the GAO’s decision to sustain the protestfiled by L-3 in connection with the Army’s award of a contract toGlobal Linguist Solutions LLC (GLS) for translation andinterpretation services.  DynCorp International and McNeilTechnologies, Inc. are parties to the GLS joint venture.  Inrequesting reconsideration, the Army has asked GAO to reverse itsMarch 29, 2007, bid protest decision so that the Army may proceedwith the linguist contract it awarded to GLS last December. This is the first time that the Army has filed a request forreconsideration in the past ten years, according to a search of GAObid protest decisions since 1996.  In addition to identifyingerrors of law and other flaws in the GAO’s earlier decision, theArmy has requested that the GAO issue its decision on thereconsideration request expeditiously.

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