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DynCorp International to Clear Land Mines in Cambodia, DestroyLight Weapons in Honduras

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (Oct. 26, 2006) – The U. S.Department of State’s Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement hasawarded DynCorp International LLC task orders to clear land minesand unexploded ordnance (UXO) in Cambodia and destroy light weaponsin Honduras that are excess to that country’s needs. The Cambodiatask order has a potential value of $8.3 million over a term of onebase year and two option years. It calls for DynCorp Internationalto assist and train the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces and theCambodian Mine Action Center, a non-governmental organization, toremove persistent land mines and UXO left from decades of conflict.The task order provides immediate action to address the urgentissue of landmines, excess Cambodian stockpiled munitions, andloosely secured or unsecured munitions that could spontaneouslyexplode and harm Cambodians or could fall into the hands ofcriminals, terrorists, and illicit arms traffickers.

The Honduras task order – valued initially at about $316,000 -calls for the destruction of light weapons over a five-monthperiod. These are weapons that the Honduran government has deemedto be excess to its legitimate defense needs.

This work supports the Department of State’s Office of WeaponsRemoval and Abatement, which participates in the multi-agency U.S.Humanitarian Mine Action Program. DynCorp International will workwith this Office in collaboration with the governments of Cambodiaand Honduras.

DynCorp International has an ongoing weapons removal task orderin Afghanistan with the Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement aswell.

About DynCorp International
DynCorp International LLC, the operating company of DynCorpInternational Inc. (NYSE: DCP), is a provider of specializedmission-critical outsourced technical services to civilian andmilitary government agencies, with specific global expertise in lawenforcement training and support, security services, baseoperations, aviation services and operations, and logisticssupport. Headquartered in Falls Church, Va., DynCorp Internationalhas approximately 14,000 employees worldwide. For more information,visit www.dyn-intl.com.