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DynCorp International To Help Fight California Wildfires

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (July 23, 2008) – TheCalifornia Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, known as CALFIRE, has awarded DynCorp International (NYSE:DCP) a $137.7 millioncontract to help suppress and control wild land fires.

DynCorp International is the contract incumbent, and has beenhelping to fight wildfires in California since 2001. The newcontract will continue the program through 2014.

DynCorp International flies and maintains Grumman S-2T fireretardant air tankers and OV-10A aircraft, and fully maintains andservices civilian UH-1H Super Huey helicopters flown by CAL FIREpilots. Operating from across California, aircraft can reach mostfires within 20 minutes. The OV-10A aircraft fly over fires,directing the air tankers and helicopters to critical areas forretardant and water drops. The helicopters can also transportfirefighters and equipment.

More than 130 DynCorp International employees are directly engagedin this program, including 50 pilots and 77 aircraftmechanics. 

CAL FIRE is responsible for more than 30 million acres of stateland. Of 1,007 fires this year on state land, more than 99 percenthave been contained and only three were active as of July 22.

“The CAL FIRE aviation program is seen as a world class aerialfirefighting program by those in the industry. This is due, inlarge part, to the dedication and professionalism of the DynCorpInternational pilots, mechanics and support staff working in theprogram,” said CAL FIRE Chief of Aviation Mike Padilla. “DynCorpand the citizens of California can be proud of these individualswho are key players in the state’s wild land firefightingefforts.” 

In 2007, DynCorp International helped suppress more than 7,600wildfires in California. DynCorp International pilots flew 7,550hours, and mechanics supported state-employed pilots who flewanother 3,334 hours. Together, they dropped more than 8.7 milliongallons of fire retardant and gel. DI helped the CaliforniaDepartment of Forestry and Fire Protection and local and regionalfirefighting departments limit more than 95 percent of thewildfires to less than 10 acres.

“We are very happy to continue our work with CAL FIRE, applyingour years of aviation experience to fighting wildfires and helpingprotect homes and businesses throughout California” said DynCorpInternational President and CEO William L. Ballhaus. “This is anoutstanding example of a state and private sector partnership withtremendous benefits for the people of California.”

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