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DynCorp International to Provide Landmine Clearance Advice,Assistance, and Equipment to Lebanon

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (August 13, 2007)- The U. S. Department of State’s Office ofWeapons Removal and Abatement has awarded DynCorp International LLC(DI) a task order to assist in the clearance of landmines and otherunexploded ordnance in Lebanon.  

The task order has a potential value of $2 million over a term ofone base year and one option year. It calls for DI to assistLebanon’s National Demining Organization with the management of aquality program that emphasizes safety and maximizes resources toensure efficiency during demining activities.  On behalf ofthe State Department, DI will provide equipment including vehicles,personal protective equipment, metal detectors, mechanical deminingattachments and spare parts, and staking and marking devices to theLebanese Armed Forces Engineer Regiment, which will implement theprogram. DI will also provide fuel and maintenance for its deminingvehicles. 

DynCorp International will also provide training to introduce newtechnologies to increase effectiveness during area reduction,survey, clearance, and quality-assurance operations. Finally, bySeptember 2008, DI will assist in the completion of a technicalsurvey and marking of all suspected minefields in Lebanon.

“Our work in removing and destroying landmines and other hazardousordnance is one of the most gratifying services we perform,” saidDynCorp International President and CEO Herbert J. Lanese. “It is aprivilege to perform work that clearly and immediately improvespeople’s lives and makes the world a saferplace.”  

This work supports the Department of State’s Office of WeaponsRemoval and Abatement, which participates in the multi-agency U.S.Humanitarian Mine Action Program.  DynCorp International willwork with this office in collaboration with the government ofLebanon.
DynCorp International has ongoing weapons-destruction task ordersin Afghanistan and Cambodia with the Office of Weapons Removal andAbatement. Within the last year, under contracts with theDepartments of Defense and State, DynCorp International has alsoprovided to Lebanon emergency relief supplies such as tents as wellas police vehicles and equipment.

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