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DynCorp International Wins $30.3 Million Project inAfghanistan

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (March 6, 2008) – The U.S.Army Corps of Engineers has awarded DynCorp International a $30.3million construction project in Konduz, Afghanistan.

The work will cover a 207-acre site, and will provide a full rangeof facilities to accommodate up to 4,000 Afghan National Army (ANA)troops. Major facilities include infantry barracks, dining areas,classroom/training areas, power, water, wastewater systems, a roadnetwork, maintenance facilities, and fuel storage/handling. Workwill begin in March and will take 300 days to complete.

This is the second contract the Army Corps of Engineers hasawarded to DynCorp International in recent months for constructionin Afghanistan. In December 2007, DynCorp International was awardeda contract – initially valued at $49 million and since increased to$53 million – to build a new ANA garrison in Jalalabad.  Thatproject is currently under way.

About DynCorp International
DynCorp International (NYSE:DCP) is a provider of specializedmission-critical services to civilian and military governmentagencies worldwide, and operates major programs in law enforcementtraining and support, security services, base operations, aviationservices, contingency operations, and logistics support.Headquartered in Falls Church, Va., DynCorp International hasapproximately 15,000 employees worldwide. For more information,visit www.dyn-intl.com.