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Former Arkansas Police Officer Killed in Iraq

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (Oct. 22, 2006) – Brian M.Brian, a former police officer from Camden, Ark., was killed onSunday, Oct. 22, 2006, when the military convoy in which he wastraveling was involved in an IED attack. Mr. Brian, 58, was workingas an international police liaison officer with DynCorpInternational, and had been in Iraq since June.

The attack occurred at approximately 11:30 a.m. local time nearthe city of Rustamiyah, in the Baghdad region. Three U.S. soldierswere wounded in the incident.

Mr. Brian was assigned to the Civilian Police Advisory TrainingTeam, the component of the U.S. military Multinational SecurityTransition Command – Iraq responsible for the U.S.-led effort totrain and equip the 135,000-member Iraqi police service. DynCorpInternational is responsible for recruiting, training, equipping,and supporting the 700-member U.S. contingent of trainers through acontract with the U.S. Department of State.

Mr. Brian served with the Ouachita County (Arkansas) Sheriff’sOffice from 1993 to 2005, rising to the rank of captain. In 2005,he became an instructor at the Arkansas Law Enforcement TrainingAcademy. He was a veteran of the U.S. Navy, where he served from1968 to 1971, including a tour of duty in Vietnam.

DynCorp International President and CEO Herbert J. Lanese said,”Brian Brian was a dedicated and courageous man, a private citizenwho left his home to make a contribution to peace and security, andwe are honored that he chose to work with us. Our deepestsympathies go to his family and friends.”

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DynCorp International is a provider of specializedmission-critical technical services to civilian and militarygovernment agencies, with major programs in law enforcementtraining and support, security services, base operations, aviationservices and operations, and logistics and contingency support.Headquartered in Falls Church, Va., it has approximately 14,000employees worldwide and had revenues of nearly $2 billion in thefiscal year ended March 31, 2006.