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Former CIVPOL Employee with DynCorp International Receives DoDDefense of Freedom Medal

 FALLS CHURCH, Va. (February 13, 2009)- The Defense of Freedom medal was presented to William “Ron”Little, a former civilian police advisor with DynCorp Internationalwho was wounded in Iraq in 2006. The presentation was made inWashington, DC on February 10, 2009 by Robert  B. Rosenkranz,(Major-General, ret.), currently DynCorp International ExecutiveVice President/Chief of Staff, on behalf of Secretary of the ArmyPeter Geren.  The honor marks the first time an internationalcivilian police advisor has received the Defense of Freedom medalfor actions and injuries sustained while on a CIVPOL mission.Little is also the only former or current DynCorp Internationalemployee to receive such an honor.

Ron Little, 46, a native of Jacksonville, Fla., was aninternational civilian police advisor with DynCorp International inKosovo and then Iraq.  In Iraq he was part of a PoliceTraining Team mentoring Iraqi police officers in professionalpolice techniques, part of the coalition effort to support theestablishment of a democratically-oriented police force inIraq.  He was injured by an explosive-formed projectile (EFP)which hit his vehicle in an insurgent attack on December 20,2006.  Two U.S. Army members of the Police Training Team werealso injured in the attack.

Offering thanks for the Defense of Freedom medal, Little said hewas truly honored, and accepts the recognition not only for his ownservice, but also in the name of the many international policeadvisors who have made greater sacrifices, including their lives,in the same work to extend freedom, peace and security. 

Ambassador David T. Johnson, Assistant Secretary of State forInternational Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL), spoke atthe awards ceremony, praising the courage and sacrifice made bymany CIVPOL police advisors and mentors around the world assistingthe development and operation of effective criminal justice andpolice systems.  

Other former members of the CIVPOL mission in Iraq were inattendance, including Walter Redman, Senior Police Advisor for theDepartment of State INL Bureau, and Chesterfield County policeofficer Brian Rhodenizer, who was in the same convoy with Littlewhen the attack occurred.

The Defense of Freedom medal was created by the Secretary ofDefense in 2001, to honor civilian employees of the Department ofDefense injured or killed in the line of duty. It is the civilianequivalent of the military Purple Heart medal.  The firstrecipients were those Department of Defense civilians injured orkilled in the terrorist attack on the Pentagon on September 11,2001. At the discretion of the Secretary of Defense, the medal maybe awarded to non-DoD employees, including contractors, based ontheir involvement in Department of Defense activities.  

The award ceremony was organized as part of the board meeting ofthe CIVPOL Alumni Association (CAA), a non-profit, internationalcommunity-based organization founded in 2007 and dedicated toproviding international law enforcement officers a community ofresidents. The association provides continuing educationpresentations and workshops led by law enforcement professionals atthe federal, state, county, and local levels. The U.S. Departmentof State Bureau for International Narcotics and Law EnforcementAffairs (INL) manages the international Civilian Police (CIVPOL)program.

For more information on the CIVPOL Alumni Association, pleasevisit www.civpol-alumni.org.

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