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IG Report Praises DI Police Training in Afghanistan

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (December 4, 2006) – TheInspectors General of the Departments of State and Defense havepraised the quality of both the police training and the trainersprovided by DynCorp International in Afghanistan. DynCorpInternational provides this training under contract to the U.S.Department of State.

A New York Times article published today cast doubt on theeffectiveness of police training in Afghanistan.

The IG report issued November 2006 can be read in its entirety atwww.dyn-intl.com. The document states:
“During the team’s visits to five of the seven AfghanistanRegional Training Centers (RTCs) and the Central Training Center(CTC) in Kabul, the assessment team observed the DynCorp trainingcadre to be a professional, dedicated, and enthusiastic group. Mostof the DynCorp trainers are recently retired police officers fromsmall to medium-sized police departments in the United States;hence, they have extensive policing experience. Others are activeduty police officers on leaves of absence from their departments towork in Afghanistan.

“Based on feedback during the assessment team’s interviews,virtually all of the police trainers have extensive trainingbackgrounds in a variety of police subjects and many haveinstructor certifications in multiple law enforcement disciplines.In addition, it is evident that INL and DynCorp have deliberatelyplaced instructors with appropriate disciplines in the rightpositions. Many of the police instructors hold advanced educationaldegrees and many have senior command and advanced tacticaloperations experience.

“Approximately half of the instructors have prior militaryexperience, chiefly acquired before they became police officers.All of these police trainers believe their military experiencegreatly assists them in performing this mission given the uniquesecurity situation in Afghanistan and the daily contact with themilitary representatives from CSTC-A and ISAF.

“The DynCorp police instructors that the assessment team met aregenerally respectful and proud of the ANP officers, instructors,and students with whom they live and work. While the DynCorpinstructors are fully aware of the challenges and limitations facedby the ANP, they remain guardedly optimistic about the overallchances of success for the training program.”
DynCorp International currently has 376 American citizen policetrainers training police in Afghanistan, and they face dangerdaily. The company also currently provides six executive-levelmentors and nine professional mentors to senior officials in theMinistry of Interior. These mentors generally have experience aslarge-city police or division chiefs or comparable experience inother areas of administration of justice.
DynCorp International CEO Herbert J. Lanese said, “We are proud tobe a part of our government’s effort to bring democracy andstability to Afghanistan through the establishment of modern policeinstitutions. We fully share our government’s belief that thedemocratic values and civic culture that American civilian policeofficers impart to their Afghan counterparts are an essential partof our training, as is the example of civilians securing their owncommunities.”

“Of course, we always want to provide the best training possible.We work closely and openly with the Department of State to improvethe quality of our work,” Lanese said.

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