DI Press Releases

Two Dead and Two Seriously Injured in Iraq

Irving, TX (November 14, 2005) – Ignatius DuPreez and Johannes Potgieter, both DynCorp International securityteam members from South Africa, were killed today in Iraq whentheir armored vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device.Two other DI security employees were seriously injured.

The team was traveling in a convoy from the International Zone tothe Iraq Ministry of Justice when an explosion hit their vehicle onthe driver’s side. The vehicle immediately caught fire, and teammembers from another vehicle rescued the injured members.

Protective Security Detail member Ignatius Du Preez, 36, ofRandfontein, South Africa, was pronounced dead on arrival at the86th Combat Support Hospital. He was traveling in the car’s gunnerposition.

PSD member Johannes Potgieter, 53, of Kwa Zulu Natal, SouthAfrica, died instantly from his injuries. He was the driver of thecar. Both Du Preez and Potgieter joined DynCorp International inOctober 2004.

The two seriously injured members were transported to the 86thCombat Support Hospital for treatment. An investigation is underway.

“We are deeply saddened by the deaths and injuries of these finemen. They were doing the important work of helping build a moderndemocratic police force in Iraq. We extend our deepest sympathy totheir families, and have offered all possible support,” saidDynCorp International spokesman Gregory Lagana.