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U.S. Government officials and DynCorp International HonorPolice trainers injured in Iraq

Former Trainers from North Carolina and South Dakota Honoredwith Defense of Freedom Medal, Special Recognition from theDepartment of State and President’s Valor Award from DynCorpInternational

FALLS CHURCH, Va. – February 26, 2010 – Representatives for theDepartment of Defense, the U.S. Congress, the Department of State,and DynCorp International (DI) gathered on February 17, 2010 tohonor two former civilian police trainers who received devastatinginjuries while working in Iraq to help build and strengthen Iraq’spolice force.

Left to right: Tate Mallory, Bill Ballhaus of
DynCorp International and Ken Leonard

Kenneth Leonard and Tate Mallory, the two trainers, were honored bya crowd of more than 200 people. Both worked for DI on theInternational Civilian Police Program (CIVPOL) contract with theU.S. Department of State Bureau of International Narcotics and LawEnforcement Affairs (INL).  In Iraq they were under theCivilian Police Advisory Training Team, the component of theMultinational Security Transition Command responsible for theU.S.-led effort to train and equip the 135,000-member Iraqi policeservice.

The DynCorp International President’s Valor award was presented toKenneth Leonard and Tate Mallory by Tony Smeraglinolo, president ofDI’s Global Stability and Development Solutions (GSDS) division.The DI President’s Valor Award is the highest recognition given bythe company, and has been awarded only 11 other times.

“This award is presented to individuals who have exemplifiedbravery and heroism in execution of their responsibilities in themost challenging of circumstances,” said Tony Smeraglinolo in hisremarks. “Ken and Tate have demonstrated not only great bravery butresounding resilience, unequalled commitment to service and aretruly great Americans.”

State Department INL Bureau Principal Deputy Assistant SecretaryWilliam McGlynn presented certificates of appreciation on behalf ofthe State Department and spoke of the men’s skills andcontributions working in the most difficult of circumstances. TheState Department also presented DI Care Employee Assistance Program(EAP) Director Mike Warren with a special certificate ofrecognition for his work in creating and running a unique programthat assists employees and their families, and his personalcommitment to helping each employee and family member who needshim.

Kenneth Leonard, High Point North Carolina

Kenneth Leonard of High Point, N.C. had trained Iraqi police inBaghdad for more than a year when a roadside bomb hit his armoredvehicle and he lost both legs below the knee. Returning home,Leonard dedicated himself to physical therapy, learned how to walkand run again. After passing the police officers’ physical agilitytest, he returned to work with North Carolina’s High Point PoliceDepartment.

“If it were up to me there would probably be about 8,000 people uphere with me because that’s pretty much the support that I had overthe years,” Leonard said in accepting the awards.  “Everybody,every step of the way, I wouldn’t be here without them.”

Brooks Tucker, deputy staff director for U.S. Senator Richard Burrof North Carolina, read a letter from Sen. Burr to Leonard. “Thefabric of our American society and the communities that comprise itare made strong by noble men like you who unflinchingly answer thecall to serve their fellow man and protect life and property,” Burrsaid in the letter. “Your commitment to those values spurred you toleave your families and your communities to provide the benefit ofyour skills and experience to the Iraqi police in their time ofnational crisis and conflict.”

Tate Mallory, South Dakota

Tate Mallory, a former assistant police chief in Winner, S.D., wasinjured in Anbar Province Iraq when a rocket-propelled grenadepierced his vehicle, entered his back and exited his abdomen,leaving him disabled. Mallory, currently in school, is a foundingmember of the CIVPOL Alumni Association, a group formed to assistother international law enforcement officers who were injuredoverseas.

Mallory, who was joined at the ceremony by his fiancée and membersof the team who were with him when he was injured, thanked thosewho helped him through his long road to recovery.

“I want to thank the Marines for taking such good care of us. Hadit not been for them the night of that convoy, I certainly wouldn’tbe here today. I can’t say enough… they were absolute heroes… Ispent the last three Christmases with my kids thanks to them andwhat they did for me out there that night. I would also like tothank the State Department and DynCorp for the way that I’ve beentreated since I’ve been injured,” Mallory said.

“The second they flew me to Germany (for treatment) there was aDynCorp representative there waiting for me. When I flew back toSouth Dakota there was a DynCorp representative waiting for me tomake sure I had everything in order. And throughout the wholeprocess Mike Warren was only a phone call away.”

Brad Cochran of U.S. Senator John Thune’s office presented Mallorywith the Defense of Freedom Medal, the civilian equivalent of theMilitary Purple Heart. In presenting the medal to Mallory, Cochransaid, “This medal symbolizes the essential service of the militarycivilian workforce who are an integral part of preserving ournational security… Those that wear this medal have shown theirdedication to service, their unquestioned valor, and theircourage.”

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