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United Arab Emirates Extends DynCorp International’s AH-64Apache Helicopter Maintenance Support Contract

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (February 5, 2008) – DyncorpInternational (NYSE:DCP) has received an $11.8 million, two-yearcontract extension to its AH-64 Apache maintenance support contractwith the government of the United Arab Emirates.

DynCorp International has provided maintenance, logistics, andtraining support for the United Arab Emirates’ fleet of Apachehelicopters for more than 14 years. The latest extension carriesthe program through September 30, 2009.

About DynCorp International
DynCorp International is a provider of specializedmission-critical services to civilian and military governmentagencies worldwide, and operates major programs in law enforcementtraining and support, security services, base operations, aviationservices, contingency operations, and logistics support.Headquartered in Falls Church, Va., DynCorp International hasapproximately 14,000 employees worldwide. For more information,visit www.dyn-intl.com.