Phil Horvitz

Chief Technology Officer

Phil Horvitz is Chief Technology Officer for Amentum and leads Amentum’s Technology Office. As CTO, Phil is responsible for the company’s technology strategy, vision, and technology offerings aligned with our strategic growth objectives. Phil also leads Amentum’s Innovation program to bring innovation, thought leadership and transformative technology solutions to our customers.

Phil was a founding partner of Apptis, a technology provider to the U.S. Government, acquired by URS/AECOM. Prior to Apptis, Phil was CEO of General Data Systems, a system integrator specializing in large-scale mission-critical systems. His company played a vital role in enhancing and securing the nation’s Passport system.

Phil earned his degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland. He remains active with the University, having served on its Board of Trustees as well as the Board of Visitors at the College of Computer, Math, and Natural Sciences. Phil created the Horvitz Professorship, supporting the University’s Computer Science scholarship & education initiatives.