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DynCorp International Employees Meet with Eisenhower School Students

On March 7, DynCorp International’s (DI) Bryan Roberts and Will Imbrie addressed forty civilian and military officers at the National Defense University’s Dwight D. Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy. Formerly the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, the Eisenhower School provides a Master of Science in National Resource Strategy degree on national strategy and resources for senior military and civilian leaders.

The School’s curriculum incorporates public and private expertise and DI was asked to provide private industry input for the school’s Reconstruction Industry and Private Sector Services and Support Seminars. In a half-day program, Roberts and Imbrie lectured the combined classes on the government services industry and DI’s capabilities to support the U.S. government. They subsequently met with the two seminars separately where Roberts reviewed how the private industry can provide support for the U.S. government and Imbrie discussed private sector support for post-conflict reconstruction, drawing on DI programs to illustrate how contractors can help meet national objectives for civilian security, law enforcement, judicial reform, and building governance capacity.

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