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DynCorp International Team Members Support Port Operations at Fort Campbell

Several DynCorp International team members working in support of the U.S. Army’s Field and Installation Readiness Support Team (FIRST) program at Fort Campbell, Ky., successfully assisted in port operations for the redeployment of the 159th Combat Aviation Battalion from Operation […]

How DynCorp International Employees Ensure Quality Parts for DI Customers

Metallurgy is study of the the physical and chemical behavior of metallic elements, or alloys. In aviation maintenance, metallurgy is used to identify imperfections before equipment leaves the warehouse or production floor. Metallurgy is often used in manufacturing and engineering […]

DynCorp International Aviation Maintenance Capabilities

In DynCorp International’s Aviation business area, DI team members perform depot-level maintenance on aircraft support equipment. From equipment that moves aircraft, equipment that starts aircraft, equipment to recover an aircraft to equipment to test aircraft, DI runs the gamut on […]