Case Study

Supporting Heroes, Fighting Wildfires

The CAL FIRE Aviation Program is world-renowned, saving lives and land, and DynCorp International is honored to be part of the team.

In the State of California, highly experienced fixed-wing pilots and maintenance technicians support complex aerial firefighting operations. DynCorp International’s support of the CAL FIRE Aviation Program is a model public-private partnership that serves an important need for the community. DynCorp International works statewide to provide air support for ground firefighters battling wildland fires, while protecting the people, property and natural resources of California.

In the air, DynCorp International’s fixed wing pilots provide seasonal staffing for all CAL FIRE air tactical and air tanker aircraft. Deployed at twelve locations across the state, DynCorp International pilots respond to wildland fires as part of a ground/air assault with the goal of keeping 95 percent of all starts less than 10 acres in size. Our cadre of pilots averages more than 15 years of experience in aerial firefighting. In conjunction with the customer, DynCorp International has developed a 12 to 18 month “train your own” training program for new air tanker pilots.

On the ground, the DynCorp International team brings maintenance experience unmatched in the aerial firefighting industry. DynCorp International employs FAA-certified airplane and helicopter maintenance technicians specializing in structural repair and modification, electrical troubleshooting, system installation, and aircraft painting, as well as line, intermediate and depot-level maintenance. The team also provides data entry, CAD drafting and ground support equipment personnel. DynCorp International’s CAL FIRE program was awarded the prestigious FAA Diamond Award of Excellence in January of 2012 and 2013.