Case Study

Developing Law Enforcement Capabilities Globally

One of the shared Afghan and Coalition goals in Afghanistan has been for the Afghan people to assume responsibility for their country’s security and develop a self-sustaining path forward. In pursuit of this goal, thousands of capable Afghan recruits needed support as they cultivated the skills, tools and confidence necessary to build a lasting law enforcement solution. With its extensive experience in training conflict and post-conflict nations to develop rule of law and human rights practices, DynCorp International was chosen to assist in the effort.

Under the Afghan Ministry of Interior Afghan National Police (AMDP) program, DynCorp International provides executive level mentoring, instructor training and certification, field training, and logistics across Afghanistan. DI executive mentors coach senior Afghani officials with a focus on leadership, management and ethical decision-making skills, and have mentored leaders at the Ministerial level. DI trainers teach and certify Afghan police instructors in a “train-the-trainer” program, conducting most training hands-on for hundreds of Afghan instructors who are responsible for tens of thousands of Afghan National Police. With a cadre of skilled Afghan trainers in place, when Coalition trainers leave Afghanistan an enduring training capability remains.

Training topics include: basic training, border training, advanced police training, special police training (SWAT), criminal investigations, staff officer training and curriculum development. DI trainers also teach and evaluate Afghan police units on their field operations by visiting local police stations, district headquarters and provincial headquarters in locations throughout Afghanistan.

The DI team presence stretches across Afghanistan, from the most remote Afghan border posts to the most densely populated areas of Kabul in pursuit of the goal of Afghan independence. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with their Afghan colleagues, DI mentors have helped support the development of a meaningful Afghan law enforcement capability.