Case Study

Supporting Tough Missions in Challenging Locations

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has personnel deployed on operations and exercises around the world, contributing to international rebuilding efforts, United Nations operations and multi-national exercises. In Afghanistan, Dyn-Australia (DA), a wholly-owned DynCorp International subsidiary, supports the ADF, providing helicopter logistical support including managing ground and air-operations support for Mi26T heavy-lift helicopters.

The Mi26T from Vertical-T Air Company is capable of lifting up to 44,000 lbs., and helps transport military cargo containers and recover unserviceable or damaged aircraft. Through this program, the Australian forces are able to move necessary equipment safely and more quickly than if by land.

For several years Mi26T helicopters flew supplies into Australian and ISAF forward operating bases and, as these bases are handed over to the Afghanistan forces, the same aircraft are responsible for back-loading cargo.

DI’s strong, proven experience operating in conflict, post-conflict, remote and challenging areas around the globe make it the unrivaled choice for clients seeking best quality solutions and programs.