Training Courses

Intelligence Training for Law Enforcement Professionals

Strategic Debriefing of Law Enforcement Sources (SDLES)

Two-day training program provides practical work and instruction in skill sets necessary for Law Enforcement personnel to operate in a non-traditional capacity providing direct support to intelligence-driven debriefings. Students will learn and understand the basic principles regarding the conduct of Human Intelligence (HUMINT) operations in support of Law Enforcement source operations.

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Elicitation Techniques during Interrogation and Interviews

An introduction into the intelligence applications of elicitation, characteristics of elicitation, susceptibility to elicitation and use of the Conversational Hourglass. Elicitation will enhance the law enforcement professional’s ability to gather information without making the source of the information aware of the ultimate goal of the officer.

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Personality Profiling for Communication

A law enforcement professional who understands an asset’s needs and thought processes by profiling the asset’s personality can gain a decisive edge. Through the use of the Myer’s Brigg’s Type Indicator (MBTI), students will improve their communication skills and gain a better understanding of how this highly effective and predictive strategy can be used to understand an assets personality type in order to improve communication and maximize the collection of information.

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