Training Courses

Intelligence Training for Business Professionals

Elicitation and Trade Shows Seminar

This seminar will introduce information gathering techniques involving questioning, interviewing and elicitation. This will be followed by intelligence applications and characteristics of elicitation, susceptibility to elicitation and begin introductions and demonstrations into the elicitation techniques. Students will then select a conference to attend by discipline, focus, and industry. They will develop the key elements to conference presentation, complete on-site activities and interact in a post-conference assessment to evaluate their performance and plan for future conferences.

This interactive seminar maximizes the learning experience through the use of challenging exercises supported by classroom instruction and extensive video demonstrations of elicitation techniques. There will be a video-based self-test as well as pre-conference organizing activities, on-site activities and interim lessons learned.

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Advanced Elicitation Course

Knowing how to effectively build rapport and transparently employ elicitation techniques to gather critical information is invaluable to professionals in any community. Advanced Elicitation will teach students to obtain the information critical to making good decisions and solving problems. Students will determine which communication skills and elicitation techniques to employ when engaging supervisors, peers, employees, and clients. Students will present effective consultation and advice, and advance in their professions by correctly employing rapport building and elicitation techniques.

This seminar will build upon the basic elicitation techniques taught in the Elicitation: Non-Intrusive Information Gathering and Elicitation & Counterelicitation course. It is designed to equip the student with techniques to quickly establish rapport with a person you wish to engage. You will be able to select the appropriate elicitation techniques to properly engage and disengage a person without his/her awareness. The instruction will include advanced communication techniques and practical exercises used to maximize the learning experience.

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Advanced Debriefing and Elicitation Course

This course is designed for personnel who have attended the Debriefing and Elicitation Course or have experience in the HUMINT world and want to improve on basic skills. The AD&E includes a review of basic persuasive interpersonal communication skills as well as defensive skills such as counter elicitation, detecting deception and congruency and legend. This course also introduces negotiation as a tool for HUMINT collection.

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