Phoenix Consulting Group

Military Intelligence Training


When human intel can save lives, the Department of Defense, Government Client Agencies, and Military Units turn to Phoenix Consulting Group for custom training in the art of elicitation.

Leveraging over 25 years of training experience, Phoenix Consulting Group develops and teaches various classified courses, either at our secure training facility or through a mobile training team in the United States or abroad. Our training is specifically tailored to match a unit’s mission or theater or operation.

Phoenix Consulting regularly trains soldiers and tailors our training to meet a soldier’s need for learning through live experiences that match what they will encounter in the field.


Americans don’t grow up negotiating, but everywhere else in the world people negotiate daily. Negotiation training is essential to give soldiers an advantage and help them to succeed at gaining human intel and achieving mission objectives.

Soldiers conduct negotiations in teams with role players. To assist in the training experience, the soldiers use the Electronic Language Simulator (ELS). The equipment allows soldiers to simulate an actual negotiation with a non-English speaking person and act as interpreters.

The ELS makes this training more realistic and replicates the language barrier that the students will face when they deploy.

“I was amazed by the number of techniques I could use to gain human intel without arousing suspicion.” – Master Sgt., Recent Program Graduate

“Negotiation training makes us better and more efficient at what we do.” – Sgt. 1st Class, Recent Program Graduate